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You are here: TackleMaking Encyclopedia > Sizing Charts
Graphs & Charts

Some of the most important factors to successfully making fishing tackle is selecting the appropriate shaped and sized components for your lure and understanding the impact those components will have on your lure's effectiveness. Using a blade that is proportionately too large or long can off-balance your lure, preventing it from riding straight up during a retrieve. Likewise, making a plastic too hard will force the fish to spit it out. Take a few moments to review all of our charts and graphs to help you select the best components for your target fishing lure.

Browse Our Available Charts & Graphs

 Softness Scale for Soft Baits
Scale showing the impact that a bait's softness has on fishing catching ability

 The Factors that Influence Underwater Movement of Soft Plastics
Chart showing all of the factors that impact underwater movement of soft plastic fishing lures

 Clevis Sizing Chart
Sizing chart for the clevis, a fishing tackle making component.

 Sizing Chart for Colorado Blades
Sizing charts for colorado blades, a component of wire fishing tackle

 Indiana Blade Size Chart
Sizing charts for indiana blades used on spinnerbaits, spinners, etc.

 Willow Leaf Blade Size Chart
Size chart for willow leaf blades, commonly used on spinnerbaits.

 Size Chart for Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Hooks
Sizing chart for spinnerbait, buzzbait, and other wire bait hooks.

 Sizing Chart for Wire Baits
Chart showing what size components to use for various wire baits to prevent unbalanced motion while fishing

 Matching Head Size with Blade Size in Spinnerbaits
Guide for matching a wire baits head size with the appropriate blade sizes.

 Clevis Sizing Chart for Wire Baits
Chart showing which size clevis to use with many different sized and shape spinner blades.

 Diving Lip Design Traits
Chart showing the impact different diving lip designs will have on a lure

 Crankbait Components Sizing Chart
Chart showing what size split rings and treble hooks to use with your custom crankbaits.

 Fishing Rod Guides - Sizing Chart
Sizing chart for fishing rod guides. Useful for DIY rod builders.

 Safety Snaps Sizing Chart
Sizing Chart for fishing safety snaps.

 Split Ring Sizing Charts
Sizing charts showing the different sizes of split rings, a tackle making comoponent

 Swivel Sizing Chart
Sizing chart for swivels, a common fishing and tackle component

 Color Visibility Under Water
Chart showing the visibility of colors under water

 Bite Retention Scale for Fishing Lures
Scale showing the effect that certain factors have on a fish's bite retention.

 Factors that influence fishing lure vibrations
Chart describing the factors that influence fishing lure vibrations underwater.

 Factors Influencing How Far a Fishing Lure will Cast
A chart describing the factors that influence how far a fishing lure will cast.

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