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You are here: TackleMaking Encyclopedia > Hard Baits
TackleMaking Encyclopedia - Hard Baits

We use the term "Hard Baits" to describe the family of wooden or plastic lures that includes items such as crankbaits, topwaters, minnow, and muskie/big game lures. Baits in this category are undoubtedly the most difficult - and rewarding - types of lures to make. They incorporate every bit of tacklemaking knowledge, from water resistance all the way down to color selection. Many of the world's top tacklemakers take months and even years to get their designs "just right", and frequently go through tens or hundreds of designs before they find one that truly outperforms traditional tackle. But don't let this discourage you from getting started in lure'll pick up the skills pretty quickly and be landing lunkers on your own lures in no time!

Browse Our Hard Bait & Lure Making Information

 How to Make a Wooden Fishing Lure
Instructions for making a wooden topwater fishing lure from scratch.

 How to Make a Crankbait
Tutorial from Sebastian Perez on making handmade crankbaits and fishing lures

 How to Make a Metallic Japanese Minnow
Instructions for making a Japanese Minnow fishing lure with metallic coat.

 Airbrush Buying Guide for Lure Makers
Airbrush product review and recommendation for lure making hobbyists. Iwata Revolution HP-CR Airbrush.

 Inexpensive Wood Lathe for Lure Making
Convert your electric drill into an inexpensive wood lathe for lure making and turning wooden crankbait bodies.

 Instructions & Supplies for Embossing Fishing Lures to Make Eyes
Supplies for embossing fishing lures and rods to make eyes and raised logos.

 100 Lure Making Tips
100 Lure Making Tips for fellow tackle making enthusiasts.

 Selecting the Right Size Split Ring for Hard Baits
Article explaining how to select and use the right sized split ring for your hard baits

 Diving Lip Design Traits
Chart showing the impact different diving lip designs will have on a lure

 Crankbait Design Principles
Long article describing the science and marketing behind making successful crankbaits.

 Crankbait Components Sizing Chart
Chart showing what size split rings and treble hooks to use with your custom crankbaits.

 How to Make a Lure with Through-Wire Construction
How to make a fishing lure using through-wire construction

 How to Seal Wooden Lures Using Propionate
Article explains how to use propionate to seal and base coat soft wooden lures.

 Making GripSticks for Hold Lures During Painting & Drying
Detailed instructions on building GripSticks for holding fishing lures during painting and while drying.

 Understanding C-Start Response Triggers for Fishing Lure Design
Article explaining the "C-Start" response trigger and its importance in fishing lure design.

 Masking Patters for Painting Fishing Lures & Crankbaits
Printable real-size masking patterns for painting firetiger, gill, eye, sonic, and dalmation patterns on lures and crankbaits

 Lure Making & Design - Eye Spots on Fishing Lures
How to make and design eye-spots and eye triggers on fishing lures

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