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You are here: TackleMaking Encyclopedia > Soft Baits
TackleMaking Encyclopedia - Soft Baits

The term "soft baits" applies to any flexible lure that is made primarily of a soft material such as plastic, rubber, or pliable organic compounds. Typically, the material is molded to immitate natural food and combined with coloring, flavoring and/or reflective agents. The finished product is usually rigged with a weighted line to provide diving capabilities and artifical motion. Typical rigging techniques include the Carolina rig, the Texas rig, the dropshot rig, and wacky.

Browse our Soft Bait & Lure Making Information

 How to Make Soft Plastic Baits
Instructions for making soft plastic fishing lures such as rubber worms.

 Making Plaster Molds for Soft Plastic Baits
Instructions on how to make plaster molds for use in crafting homemade plastic baits.

 How to Pour Your Own Plastic Worms & Baits
Instructions on how to pour your own plastic worms and other fishing baits.

 How to Rig a Handmade Plastic Worm
M-F Manufacturing's tips on rigging handmade plastic worms for fishing.

 Buoyancy in Soft Baits & Soft Plastics
Article explaining how to design a soft plastic lure to have the right buoyancy in water

 How to Select & Use Color in Soft Plastic Lures
How to select and incorporate colors into handmade soft plastic baits

 Softness Scale for Soft Baits
Scale showing the impact that a bait's softness has on fishing catching ability

 The Factors that Influence Underwater Movement of Soft Plastics
Chart showing all of the factors that impact underwater movement of soft plastic fishing lures

 Plastic Composition in Plastic Fishing Lures
Article describing how the plastic composition in your lure impacts its effectiveness

 How to Design a Soft Plastic Lure that Catches Fish
How to design a soft plastic fishing lure that catches fish and fishermen

 The Effectiveness of Glitter & Rattles in Soft Plastic Lures
Article explaing the effectiveness of glitter and rattles in soft plastic baits.

 Using Scents, Flavors, and Oils in Soft Plastic Lures
Detailed article explaining the effectiveness of scents, flavors, and oils in soft plastic fishing lures. Also provides details on legal implications of adding salt to lures.

 Tools & Equipment for Making Soft Baits
Article describing the tools needed to make your own soft plastic worms and other soft baits.

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