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Living Rubber Materials Guide
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Barbed Wire
    Living Rubber's newest product is called "BARBED WIRE". It is the company's latest creation combining the surface application of glitter over a printed accent pattern. "BARBED WIRE" has already been called a jig fisherman's dream. Mix it with "NATURE SCALES", "NATURE'S EDGE", or standard glitter and you'll create a skirt with great contrast and a whole lot of flash!
Nature Scales
  Another new product from Living Rubber, "NATURE SCALES" combines silicone rubber with a process of surface applied glitter. Unlike the conventional process of impregnating glitter in silicone, "NATURE SCALES" puts the glitter on the outsde for maximum brilliance. The end result is a skirt with the ultimate in flash and durability.
Banded Skirts
  If you're looking to save time, you might consider purchasing pre-banded skirts. Living Rubber offers over-stuffed Silicone Banded Skirts with 44 strands banded together and available in 6 colors.
Small Nose Cones Nature Scales
  "Coneheads" are some of the hottest new dressings for treble hooks. They are made from silicone rubber and replace the hair, feathers and tinsel traditionally used on treble hooks. Use them to add action to in-line spinners, jigging spoons and top water lures. They can also be used on single hooks. To apply them, simply push the eye of hook through the cone.
Living Rubber Skirting Material
  Living Rubber is the only natural compound skirting material on the market. The Natural compound is found in the sap of the rubber plant, giving Living Rubber its superior movement in the water. It is available in 4 different widths and a ton of different colors. Use the Living Rubber Skirt Factory to split the strands and create your skirts.
Multi Color Laminated Silicone Skirting Material
  If you're looking for a full skirt with a multi color appearance and minimal strands, this is it. Each unit has a top color and a different bottom color. Makes a beautiful blended look.
Fire Tip Silicone Skirting Material
  Designed to add a contrasting kick of color to your skirts to accent your favorite pork or plastic trailer. An excellent choice for stained or muddy water.
Sil-A-Chrome Silicone Skirting Material
  A combination of the purest silicone rubber with a process for applying a chromed appearance finish. The beauty of "Sil-A-Chrome's" flashy appearance, on a fish scale pattern, gives a brilliant look on a buzz bait, spinerbait, or for that matter, a jig. "Sil-A-Chrome" is leading the way for what's to come in the next generation.
Fish Scale Silicone Skirting Material
  The look of fish scales can be created by using these colors as a "back" and "belly" approach when making your skirts. Each unit is printed with an intricate scale effect to give your baits the appearance of an actual bait fish.
Round Rubber

  Round cut rubber allows you to make skirts with rounded strands (rather than flat strands). The rounded strands offer less flair and give your bait a consistent profile in the water. They are available in two grades and tons of colors.
High-Tech Fiber Lumaflex
  LUMAFLEX is a highly reflective spooled spandex fiber using in making durable bright skirts.

Lumaflex Features:
- Used for fresh and salt water
- Glows because of high light reflection.
- Pulsates on retrieve and hangs and falls slowly through the water.
- Absorbs fish attractants and holds it longer due to fiber air voids.
- Will not react with rubber worms or paint on lures.
- Will not melt or gum up in tackle box heat.
- As with most fibers it will dye nicely (like fire-tips)

To make a skirt using Lumaflex:
(1) Cut a piece of cardboard to the length of skirt you want and
(2) Wrap the strand of LUMAFLEX to the thickness you want.
(3) Slip off strands and put on a holding collar or tie directly to lure.
(4) Cut ends and you are finished.

*Always wear safety goggles and follow instructions provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the tools and components you are using. TackleMaking is not responsible for any damage (personal, property, or otherwise) that results from reading, following, or referencing this article and/or performing the actions described within it.
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